Girl's Friendly Society of Pennsylvania
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Message from GFS/PA President

The Girls Friendly Society has a history steeped in tradition. The original purpose of the
organization was to offer a safe haven for young women leaving their parent’s country
cottage to face the dangers and new challenges of city life. The struggle for acceptance and
equal opportunity for women remains a concern. Although we have witnessed some
progress, many of our young women still need help in growing personal confidence, virtues,
and character.  
As a daughter of European parents, growing up on the streets of Philadelphia, I often found
myself frightened and weary. The industry around me was controlled by strong-willed
bosses unwilling to offer opportunity to young women. The city loomed dark and awesome
around me.  I needed a place to turn to for guidance and understanding.  I found it in GFS.
My experiences with GFS and Holiday House are the richest of my life. The friendships
have lasted a lifetime. The lessons, fellowship, and spiritual guidance gave me the
confidence to grow, seek learning new skills, and accepting the challenges of motherhood,
executive, and organizational leader.
I hope that you will investigate the many ways GFS serves our youth. My wish is that you
will be motivated to join us in growing new branches, taking on a leadership role, or, at the
very least, encourage your daughters to join GFS. Read all you can…learn about us, call
us. Take the time to make a difference in a young girl’s life. I encourage you to contact us
or visit Holiday House this summer.  
Click to view Holiday House  Come see what we
do…you’ll be amazed!

Angie Myshko,
President, GFS/Pennsylvania
What is a
Junior Delegate?

A Junior Delegate is a GFS
member who is mature,
responsible, and confident.
Anyone who is interested in
becoming the Junior Delegate
for the World Council at the
National Assembly in the
summer should contact their
branch advisor. Can you
imagine yourself being part of
the decisions that affect each
branch in the United States?  
To be considered you must
be able to attend National
Assembly, be at least 18
years of age, and currently an
active GFS member in good
standing and have at least 3
years GFS experience.  
For further information
Who Are We?
What I Have Gained From
Being a GFS Junior
By: Ashley Tillman

I have gathered so much from
the opportunity of being a
national Junior Delegate for the
United States. I have gained
travel opportunities, friends,
and a greater role in decisions
within the organization.
National meetings twice a year
has brought me from the New
Jersey coast to the suburbs of
New York. Each meeting I
reunite with old friends and
meet new friends as well. I
have had the opportunity to
represent the youth during
board meetings and suggest
ideas that the youth feel are
substantial to them. I have also
been given the opportunity to
travel to Seoul, South Korea
for the GFS World Council
where I not only attended
meetings but was able to vote
on important items like the
World Project. Most of all, I
have enjoyed the fellowship
among other Christian women
through recreation and worship
in different states and even
different countries and nothing
is better than that.

The Girls' Friendly Society of the United States of America is an international, not-for-profit
organization for girls and young women.  The program is parish based and open to girls of any
race, religion, or nationality between the ages of 5 and 21.

Our focus is to provide a support system aimed at developing the whole person through a
program of worship, service to others, study, and recreation designed to empower girls and to
help them grow mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Girls are expected to actively participate in GFS activities including worship and service.  G
will learn the GFS prayer and GFS motto, and understand and agree to live by the promises
they made at thei
r Admissions Service.  The GFS motto is "bear ye one another's burdens and
so fulfill the law of Christ." (Galatians 6.2)

For details please email:
Updated 12/20/10

GFS USA Scholarship Application Process

The scholarship is for the recipient to use toward the cost of books at an accredited college,
university, or vocational/technical school.  The scholarship will not be awarded until the second
semester of the school year.  Letters of congratulation will be sent out in the fall and the
recipient will be asked to send their receipts for the books they bought for school to the
GFAUSA Scholarship Committee Chairperson for reimbursement.  First time applicant request
will be disbursed according to the number of applicants received within the year.  All recipients
will be notified by the fall semester.

Applicants must have been a GFS member in good standing for at least two years, and these
two years must have been while in high school, college, university, or vocational/technical
school.  The applicant must be part of a branch that has filed an Annual report with the
GFSUSA National Board and paid their national dues.
For further information, please contact

World Council in Ireland 2011

GFS, to me, has always been going to meeting at Holy Apostles (GFS/PA).  We did arts and crafts,
organized events, community service, and made new friends.  The only other people I really knew
from GFS were those I met at Holiday House during the summer, and the girls I saw once a year at
PA get-togethers.  After National Assembly this all changed for me.  I realized that GFS was
NATIONAL... girls all over the country were apart of it, and I was one of the delegates chosen to
speak for them.

World Council in Ireland literally blew my mind.  I was comfortable with the girls in my church,
the girls Holiday House, and I was even beginning to grasp the concept of the girls in the US but all
over the world? not quite.  We arrived at the airport and as soon as the other women there knew I
was a part of GFS they embraced me... nobody does that.  I felt accepted instantly.  

Going to Ireland was awesome, yes, of course; it was gorgeous.  However, my favorite part of the
trip was getting to understand GFS.  Getting to understand that countries all over the world were a
part of this organization that, just a few years ago, I only thought encompassed the US.  I cant say
that the meetings were fun, but they were interesting.  I heard differences...
  Different accents
  Different points of view
  Different ways of speaking
  Different words that refer to the exact same thing
  Different people coming together for the strengthening of one GFS.

World Council was a life-changing experience.  I talked with people from South Africa, from
Japan, from Korea, from Wales, from Ireland, to name a few.  I talked to people outside of the
states and it was incredible.  These women and girls all have one focus... a focus I have dedicated
my own life to:

         "Bear ye one anothers burdens."
         Synae Allen
           Youth Delegate, GFS/USA
                  Holy Apostles and the Mediator, Philadelphia, PA
GFS/PA President, Angie Myshko
with US Chaplain, Rev. Liz Colton
Current and past leaders/officers of GFS...(listed from bottom to top)
Sharon Kelly, Shirley Griffith, Adele Ray, Angie Myshko, Llyn
Carter, Dotty Orr, Colleen Anderson